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      The leading e-commerce solutions in Thailand  

    tohome.com is the leading online retailer in Thailand. We provide a comprehensive e-commerce solutions to merchants which can help increase sales effectively. Our solutions include online store management system, shopping basket system, delivery system, and secured payment solutions. Merchants can easily set up online store and manage online orders. Using our solutions will be a good investment for your business since you do not have to develop and maintain your own e-commerce system which can be costly. You will also be able to promote your business to more than 120,000 customers at tohome.com

    Space in tohome.com to display your products which has more than 500,000 visitors per month.
    Reliable and secured e-commerce system that gain trust from many leading businesses such as PASAYA, Boots Retail Thailand, TV Direct, Whittard of Chelsea, and Parker.
    Easy and user friendly payment system because customers can pay through internet banking and online credit card systems that are highly secured and international standard.
    Easy online store management system that helps you manage your business 24 hours a day.
    Increase your business awareness. We have actively promote our site through Google Adwords, CRM activities such as E-mail to our customers, and various online and offline media.
    E-Commerce Consulting Service. We provide advices in technical, management, and internet marketing to increase your online sales.
      Online Shop Package  
    Package 1 Package 2 Package 3 Package 4
      Number of Product
    25 Items 50 Items 100 Items 200 Items
      Service Charge
    499 Baht/Year

    3,600 Baht/Year

    7,200 Baht/Year

    14,400 Baht/Year
    - - 30% 40%
      Service Charge after discount
    499 Baht/Year

    3,600 Baht/Year
    (300 Baht/Month)
    5,040 Baht/Year
    (420 Baht/Month)
    8,640 Baht/Year
    (720 Baht/Month)
      Domain Name 
    Extra 500 Baht/Year Free Domain name
    www.tohome.com/ plaza/shopname
      Payment System
    (Online Credit Card, Bank Transfer)
    Service fee 6 %
    of all Sales
      Service fee 5% of all Sales  
        Online Store Feature Professional online shop display
      Training Ecommerce/Facebook/Twitter
    ลด 30% Free!!
      Promote store via SMS
      Notification to customers via
      Advertising via tohome.com on Facebook
      Banner Hame Category
    ลด 20% Free!!
        E-commerce Solution The best online shopping system in Thailand
      Number of Users who manage plaza
    • Account setting for shop management
    3 Users 3 Users 3 Users 3 Users
      Payment Option The complete and secure payment system as soon as you join tohome.com plaza
      Credit Card
    • Online credit card payment gateway system
      Bank transfer and internet banking
    • Bank transfer and internet banking system
      Order Management
      New order alerts by e-mails
      24 hrs. order management system
      Stock Management (Optional)
      Automated stock management system
    100 Baht/Month
      Report Summary
      Sales Report
      Click Through Report
      Visitors Report
        Delivery Options
      Domestic Delivery
      Delivery option system by registered post or EMS
    • Delivery charge calculation by service types
    • Delivery charge calculation by area
        International Delivery (Optional)
      Delivery charge calculation by weight and country
    300 Baht/Month , 1500 Baht/ 6 Months , 2500 Baht/ 1 Year
        Additional Services (Optional)
      VDO Clip 5 Clips
    500 Baht/Month
     *** All Price include VAT***
     * The trial package is promotional offers for new tohomeplaza and cannot be extended or renewed
    For more information please contact
    Call 02-382-4040 * 163
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